Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tyler spent the afternoon and part of the evening with Wayne and me yesterday. We had such a good time...again:) Tyler found a game on Real Arcade called "Fish Tycoon". It is an aquarium of fish and you can raise babies and sell them and then you have to feed them and buy all kinds of things for them...even medicine for when they're sick. It was a good lesson for Tyler in thinking ahead. You start the game out with $300. He couldn't wait to spend it all. I told him he could do what he wanted but he should save some back in case one of his fish got sick. He went ahead and spent it all and sure enough one of his fish got a fungus infection and needed medicine. We tried selling some fish but couldn't get money fast enough and his fish died. It will be interesting to see when he comes next time if he saves some back. I have been checking on the fish every hour gets kind of addicting.

Dial Idol was right on the money again tonight about which idol would be going home. Wayne and I don't think it was her time yet but Paris Bennett was voted off the show tonight. She is 17 and will only get better. She is a fantastic singer and has a real bubbly personality and loves dressing real "different". I was always anxious to see what outfit she'd come up with next. It will be an interesting few weeks coming up as this show winds down for 2006. I can't believe it's almost over all ready...seems like I was just excited because it was starting! Such is life:)

Tomorrow I go to the first of 2 dentists to get an estimate and plan for my teeth. I'm a little worried about hearing what needs to be done. I just hope that they don't have to do root canals on my front teeth. I know there are some cavities in them but hopefully they just need drilled....I'll know by tommorow this time.

My neck has been a little bit better lately. I didn't get the shot last week and I think I'll just wait and see how my neck feels in the next couple of weeks.

I went to the scrapbook store today to get a few more things for my Mothers Day gifts. While I was in the store I saw 2nd (?) cousin....or is it my 1st cousin once removed. I never did understand that...her Dad is my 1st cousin...that I do know. I had gone to the back of the store because my back was getting really painful and was going to sit for a few minutes till I could get up again. walks Molly. I think we talked for over an hour. She's such a special person...and has had her share of problems!

I decided this trip to the scrapbook store that from now on I am taking the walker. With the walker there is a seat I can sit down on wherever I am. I feel like a little old lady using it but pain speaks louder than any feelings of embarassment. I'm just thankful I have something that will help for times like that. I would imagine I will end up getting an electric cart in the not so distant future.

That's about all that's happening in our lives today...I'll post tomorrow what the dentist has to say about my teeth!!

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