Thursday, May 04, 2006

Caden...Katie and Steve's youngest:)

Grandma Marilyn (my Mom) with Rhebeca

Our daughter Kristi and her son Jacob

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite pictures that I have downloaded on my laptop. If you want to put them in your document folder on your computer just right click on them and press save picture as....then type in a title .... Please excuse any typos's almost midnight and I haven't slept more than an hour the past 3-4 days so I'm really tired and keep falling alsleep sitting up:) Hopefully the night time tylenol will help.

Today was my visit with the new dentist. How does a person ever know who to go to for a dentist. My Mom had a great idea and we both decided we'd go with her idea. She joined a new dentist insurance program so there are only certain dentists we could use with this insurance program where the dentist will give reduced prices. There are 3 in the area and she prayed that the first one that could get me in for an evaluation would be the one that we should use.

The first one that could get me in was a Dr. Murphy. That is where my appointment was today. They did a full set of x-rays and he went over the work that needs done. I had been told in the past that 2-3 teeth needed root canals and he didn't think I needed any more root canals...what a great thing to hear!! I do need some crowns and bonding done but it's about half the price of the other dentists for the entire work that needs done.

I am also extremely hard to get numb. The dentist I went to here in town for several years would get frustrated with me and would go ahead and drill and it was very painful. That made for very bad dental experience and now a lot of fear. The interesting thing is that Alan and Katie are also hard to get numb. I can be the "test" and see if this new guy can get me numb and if so I'm sure they'll switch . The dentist today said there is a new numbing medication and should work well for someone like me....I sure hope so!!

I had a lot of extra back pain today and was kind of uncomfortable with it. Motrin has kind of taken care of the pain for me...thank goodness!

Tyler and I started a new game on Tuesday... I think I mentioned it on my blog Tuesday but it is a game where you raise and sell fish. I got so hooked on it that I got up every couple of hours to check on my fish and make sure they didn't need food and to remove all the fish that were sick and died. It woke up Wayne every time so tonight I had to pause the game:) If you would like to look at it, it is at real arcade. Here is the tycoon.

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