Sunday, May 07, 2006

I haven't been online for a while because I've been so sick. I went to an associate of my doctor on Saturday morning and found out my problem is a urinary tract infection. I not only had that pain to deal with but I had been nauseated for about 10 days. The doctor gave me antibiotics and yesterday was my worst day. So nauseated that nothing sounded good to eat. I fixed Wayne an omelet with egg beaters and red, yellow & green peppers and mushrooms with just a tiny bit of diet cheese. It looked so good when I started making it and then it started making me sicker just to smell it. Before I was done I was in the bathroom throwing up. Then I had to go out and finish the omelet. I was going to make one for myself after his but now it sounded awful to eat. Wayne said...don't you even think of trying to stay on this diet as sick as you are. He went out and got me some Dairy Queen ice cream. That is what always tastes good to me when I get nauseated. By this morning the nausea is gone and I'm back on the diet...except for drinking cranberry juice for the infection. I got "lite" cranberry juice so hopefully it won't wreck the diet too badly.

That's all that's new here!! Hope everyone reading is doing well and enjoying their weekend. We have had just beautiful weather. It's a little cool and personal favorite kind of weather:) I keep my window open by where I sit/sleep in the bedroom and enjoy the fresh air.

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