Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today was the kind of day I really am beginning to cherish. Wayne and I were both home all day and got dressed only to take a bike ride around the neighborhood. I am so thankful for my bike...we bought it several years ago when we had a little extra money. It has a small motor on it and I can turn it on with my hand while riding when I'm getting tired. I usually turn it on and off and on and off. I want to get some of the exercise without the pain that accompanies it. I figure that I can ride my bike most of the summer and fall and hopefully by then we will have an indoor therapy pool here in Plymouth. Those are the only two things I'm able to do as far as exercise and I'm thankful for that. I can't do much of either one but a little is better than none.

Tyler is coming over after nursery school tomorrow. I just HAVE to have a good day tomorrow. He knows we are going to decorate easter eggs and would be so disappointed if I wasn't feeling well enough. I will push myself though and sometimes no one has any idea how hard I have to push to just live a halfway normal life.

Then, on Tuesday I have my two teeth pulled. I lost another little chunk off of one of them yesterday and can feel the whole top of the tooth is loose and ready to fall off. I've been so fortunate that this tooth has never hurt in the two years I've been nursing it and being careful of it. I won't know what it's like to brush my teeth w/o warm water and will be able to brush that side much better. I'm so fearful of causing a toothache.

That's my news for the weekend! It was beautiful weather here over the weekend. Warm, yet a cool breeze and sunshine!! Unusual for Indiana to have as much sunshine as we've had lately. I can still open the windows when I get too warm and cool off with the breeze that comes in.

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