Saturday, May 27, 2006

When Kristi is here visiting from Memphis she almost always makes a trip to visit her "old friend" from her horse showing days. They have remained quite good friends. Maybe it's because Jody was in the car when Kristi got broad-sided by a full dump truck that they feel a bond! Jody cuts and highlights Kristi's hair and this time she cut Jacob's hair too. She has this little 4 year old pony whose name is Boomer. Kristi said Beca wasn't scared of the pony at all even though he tried some typical pony tricks like going to the gate all the time. Beca would get off of Boomer and lead him away form the gate and get on him again. When she was done riding she got to brush the pony and then it was time for Jacob's haircut. She wanted to be shut in the stall with the pony when Krist and Jody went inside but thank goodness Kristi and Jody knew better than to do that.

I remember so well how much I loved horses and ponies at Beca's age. I used to go to sleep at night just thinking about horses and praying that one day I would get one of my own. When I was 10 years old my Grandma and Grandpa bought me a horse at an auction. I rode her and she was so nice.....I think her name was Lady. But, she must have been drugged because when we got her to the barn where we boarded her she would act terrible. She would try to rub me off on the fence or gate, she would rare and try to run to the barn. I don't remember being scared of her at all...I was just so thrilled to have my very own horse.

Beca has mentioned that she wants to take horseback riding lessons this summer and I guess Alan and Temy are going to find somewhere for her to do that. I think she will have such a good time.

Jacob looks like an old pro up on the pony. I thought maybe he'd be scared but doesn't look like he was scared at all. Maybe he's got his Mom's love for horses in his blood!!

If we had a little better income and my back was better I would love to get a nice pony for the grandkids. There is no way I could begin to care for a horse or pony anymore. I'm just thankful that I could do it for so many years while our kids were showing horses. I would clean their stalls 2-3 times a day...think I'm a perfectionist. I just hated to see the stall dirty or smelly.

Every child is so different. Maybe horses are a girls thing? There were sure more girls showing horses than boys. But, anyway, I told Tyler about Beca and Jacob riding the pony and asked Tyler if he'd like to go ride a horse or pony. He said. ..."Nah, that's okay." I told him how his Mom used to ride a big horse when she was his age but he didn't seem overly impressed with that either!

I have had a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles the past two days. When I put on my clean robe this morning I noticed that the blood pressure patch had fallen off. That is so frustrating and it's probably why I'm swollen so badly. Hopefully by tomorrow the swelling will be a little better.

I think I broke my toe tonight. I was hurrying to sit down because my back was hurting so bad and I walked right into the door frame. It's been about 2 hours and my foot and toe are still throbbing. Of course, my feet were swollen before that and now the left foot is swollen even more. I'm glad we don't have to go to the ER because they know me in there and would probably laugh at another freaky accident. The last one that they still talk about was when I stepped on a toothpick and it lodged wny down deesp.

I have had a little more energy for the past 2 days. But, the back pain is so bad that I can't do ANYTHING without the back flaring up. It gets so frustrating at times. Just think of all the things you do standing up and you'll realize what a handicap it is to not be able to stand more than 30-60 seconds!!

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