Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The pictures are from yesterday...Memorial Day. We also celebrated Alan's 33rd birthday. It's hard to believe we have a son that old:) My Mom fixed a wonderful meal with grilled chicken, steak and shrimp and lots of yummy veggies and fruit. A dieters dream meal!!

After the meal Alan and Beca and Kael went down by the lake to shoot off a rocket that Alan had gotten. I will post some pictures of that tomorrow. They are really cute and show Alan climbing up the tree to get the rocket!!

I have had trouble with swelling for about a week now. My ankles are almost undefinable. I noticed when we got to my parents house yesterday that the patch had fallen off. I had just put it on Saturday and it's supposed to last a week. It was too early to refill the patches and I didn't really want them if they are going to keep falling off. I called the doctor's office and told them my problem this morning...of course, it's my doctor's day off but his associate called in the oral form of the patch I was using. I took it around 4:30 and it's 8:45 now and the swelling has gone down considerably. I had begun to think it was the morphine in the pump because it can cause edema but now I think it's because that patch kept falling off and I wasn't getting the medicine. The nice thing is that the oral form is $8.99 and the patch was $40 just for the copay.

Saturday night I was working on cleaning up my scrapbook room. I had been standing too long and the pain was getting pretty intense so I started to rush to the recliner in our bedroom...my most comfortable spot. While I was rushing I banged my foot into the door frame. It hurt so bad and I even had a little trouble sleeping Friday night because of the pain. It was still hurting on Sunday so I called our daughter (the nurse!!) and asked her if she thought I should go to the ER and have it x-rayed. She thought I should so we did. There was only 1 person ahead of us to go back to the room. The rooms were pretty full but the nurse said it shouldn't take too long. Well, by the time we left we had been there 3 hours and 45 minutes. And, what a waste of time...my foot wasn't broken. The worst part about it is Wayne kept telling me he didn't think it was broken and I had to tell him he was right!! I picked a seat right across from where people check in and I will sit there when I go back in the future. For a nosey person like me I got to hear why everyone was coming into the ER. It was a variety of reasons....one lady got wire embedded in her leg from having it thrown from the mower her husband was riding, another guy was putting lighter fluid on his charcoal for a bar-b-que and didn't realize it was leaking all over his pants and they caught on fire and another lady broke her foot falling off of her pier while she was catching a fish.

I have a pump refill this Friday. I'm going to talk to the doctor and see if he thinks there's anything he can do to reduce the pain while standing and walking. He hinted last time we were in that I may have to learn to accept that as part of my problem. If so, I will begin to deal with it and maybe even consider looking into how much our insurance would pay for a motorized wheel chair. Then I wouldn't be so limited in where I can go.

I hope that whoever is reading this had a great holiday weekend!! Ours was interesting, relaxing and fun. The ER was interesting, all day Sunday was relaxing and being with the family for Alan's birthday was fun!!

American Idol latest news....

According to Andrea Bocelli's website Katharine McPhee will be touring with him in June:
We've just received confirmation that AI second place winner Katharine McPhee will be touring with Andrea Bocelli on his June tour. Concert dates and ticket information are available on HTTP://WWW.TICKETMASTER.COM NOTE : This information is subject to change.

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