Thursday, June 01, 2006

These pictures are also from Alan's birthday party. I love these pictures with him and two of his children. He took both kids out and had a neat little rocket to lauch. They had worked on it inside the house and were so excited when it was launch time. As you can probably figure out the rocket went into the top of the tree. He could have launched it 3 times but only got one launch because it was too high in the tree to recover. It was a very big ordeal to Kael especially when his Daddy went up in the tree. Just give Kael a few years and he'll be right up there with his Dad....or maybe his Dad will be down looking at Kael up in the tree...that's more like it!

We can hardly believe our "baby boy" will turn 33 on June 7th....two minutes before midnight. He kept the doctor up late that night and after that he kept his Mom up late many nights. Alan has always been a "night" person from the time he was a little baby. I learned to watch Johnny Carson many nights while I rocked him to sleep.

I am just such a lucky girl....not really:( Yesterday I spent the day running to the bathroom with the stomach flu. By this afternoon it was like I just popped out of it and felt fine. My stomach gurgled so loud you could probably hear it in the other room.

Tyler spent the afternoon with me today. His Mom had to run errands so I thought he'd have more fun here than sitting in the back of the car. That's boring for little kids. I remember when we moved to a new house that was much bigger than the last house (for those of you who remember it was Eva's house next to Plymouth Wesleyan Church) and I needed some new furniture. I went in almost every furniture store in the South Bend area and Katie would groan when we pulled into the parking lots. I'm sure her son is very much like her in that way!!

When Tyler left tonight he felt so bad...he really wanted to spend the night. I told him I'd rather he spend the night tomorrow. We have to leave early (9:00 am...that's early to me) to go to the hospital in Elkhart for a pump refill. That is something I can NOT miss. I do not want to get low or run out of morphine. I read that when you get to the last bit of morphine in the pump it starts giving you less so you won't run out. I will for sure be mentioning my level of pain to Dr. Grove tomorrow. I really wish he'd switch me to something other than morphine and see if it would give better pain relief...but I have to do it in a way that he thinks it's his idea! I really think I should be able to walk to the kitchen with out unbearable pain. If I try to pick things up around the house the pain gets so bad I end up in tears. I have never felt pain so intense. Wayne tries to do his part but men don't see the things to pick up like a woman does. Either it doesn't matter or he just doesn't see it...probably some of both! I can't complain though...besides working full time he has had to take over all the household chores. That's a big load. I'm excited because we have a cleaning lady coming over tomorrow for a good thorough cleaning. That's another thing men don't see...dirt. I try to keep the bathrooms to a level a little better than filth but it's about all I can do around the house anymore. Many of you may think that would be wonderful but I feel so useless at times. I would love to be able to do a good cleaning myself.

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