Tuesday, June 06, 2006

These two pictures are Tyler and Caden (Katie and Steve's boys) on Mother's Day this year. If asked to explain their personalities I would say Tyler is very introspective, intelligent, very mechanical and loves to use his mind. He also has a great sense of humor and loves to tease. Caden has been a hard child for Katie & Steve until just recently. He makes up his mind on something and doesn't give in. He doesn't talk yet but he can sure let you know what he wants. He loves to laugh, loves his blankie that he calls B and like Tyler has a wonderful sense of humor. His eyes sparkle and he is very enthusiastic. As different as they might be I love them both for the people they have become!!

I had my pump refill on Friday. I made sure to let the doctor know the amount of pain I was in and asked if he would consider changing the medicine in the pump. He came in to talk to me and he said that I have a long ways to go in increasing the amount of medicine I'm receiving before he would think about a med change.He increased the morphine I get daily from 8 mgs. to 10 mgs. I have noiced a little difference this time in the pain relief. I probably could stand now for 5 minutes instead of 1 minutes before. Every little big makes a big difference in what I'm able to do!! He also gave me a prescription for a new med for the pain of the peripheral neuropathy. I hope it helps but am a little worried about the side effects. I took it in to fill today and will pick it up and try it tomorrow.

Since I started taking the oral blood pressure medicine that is the same as what the patch was...the swelling in my feet and ankles went down immediately. Now today they are swelling again. It makes me wonder if I could have accidently skipped taking that pill this morning. I don't want to take another one so I'll wait and take one in the mornng and hope that the swelling goes down again.

Wayne and I worked all weekend on changing over the scrapbook room. I have spent hours going through everything and getting rid of what I don't/won't use. The scrapbook store here in town is having a sale of used supplies. I'm getting a lot of things ready to take to them next week. Last year I made almost $400. It can only be used in that store but it does make shopping a lot less stress ful when you know that you have a certificate to pay for what you want!

Not much else new. Didn't feel real well today...probably from all the swelling again. I sure wish someone could figure this out.

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