Thursday, June 08, 2006

The pictures are from Tyler's t-ball game. It was so much fun to watch even though Tyler didn't want to bat last week. Hopefully he will have a change of heart at this weeks game. He was the 2nd baseman and spent more time playing in the dirt than watching the ball. He did try running for several balls that went flying by! I think the cutest thing was when one of the other teams members was at 2nd base with Tyler and they both started playing in the dirt together. The coaches had to remind the other little boy to start running when his team member hit the ball!

I have not felt well again for the past 3 days. I finally called the doctor's office this morning and they worked me in at noon today. One thing I noticed is that I had a low grade fever. When they took my temperature at the pump refill it was also a low grade fever. I didn't mention it today because there was too much else to try to figure out. My feet and legs and basically my whole body is swollen again. The swelling causes my back to have the "before pump" pain and when I get that it scares me to death!! Dr. Stillson decided that we would see if one of the meds is causing the swelling first. We went over all the medications and he thinks it could be one of the high blood pressure medicines...the Lotrel. So I'm to stop taking that and see him in a week. He is a little concerned that the blood pressure will go up.

If we rule out everything else then it still could be the morphine. Many people that I've talked to on the internet have had go get another medicine besides the morphine in their pump because of swelling/edema in the feet and legs.

I didn't take the lotrel tonight and all ready the swelling is down considerably....time will tell.

Wayne has been working so hard the past week in moving his office to the garage. We had someone come in and insulate and put up dry wall. He also bought a window air conditioner/heater. I told him I don't mind parking outside at only request is that he starts my car on the winter mornings when I'm either all frosted over or all snowed over. It will save us a LOT of money doing this.

When I got the pump refill on Friday the doctor increased me from 8mgs to 10 mgs daily of morphine going into the intrathecal space of my spine. This is the first time I got an increase that I can tell the difference. I can stand just a little bit longer, walk a little bit longer and have even been able to sleep up to 2 hours in bed. I have had to sleep in a recliner now for about 2-3 years. I don't like it that I have to do that but I like that fact that it is more comfortable and the pain doesn't get so bad as when I lay down in bed. I woke up in bed last night about 2:30am and hurt so bad I didn't know how I was going to get up. I wanted to call Wayne to help but didn't want to wake him so I "bit the bullet" and pulled myself up...and OUCH!!! I'm thrilled for any amount of pain relief I can get. I'm also thankful for a pain doctor that is willing to bump up the meds in the pump like he's done. I think he's increased it every time except for one time so that's pretty good!

Not much else happening...just been really a lot of pain....the story of my life lastely:( I will not give up though...I will keep plodding along trying to find answers.

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