Friday, June 09, 2006

The picture on the top is Kael...Alan and Eutemia's middle boy. He is such an enthusiastic little guy. He loves life and loves learning everything he can about "boy things". Right now he loves fish and carries around a little bag with his shark, eel, baracuda and several others in it. Alan just talked to me and said that Kael will wake up in the night and start crying if he can't see his bag.

It's probably not hard to guess that Kael put on the protective gear for the scooter all by himself. The funniest thing he did that day is he somehow grabbed my camera when I laid it down. I am very protective of my digital camera....mostly because I know if I lose it I may have to wait a while to get another one. I got home after taking the picture of Kael and the pictures at the t-ball game and was going to download them into the computer. I couldn't fnd the camera anywhere!! I called my Mom and asked her to look around her house for it. She called back a little while later and said she found it in the bottom of a box in the garage. When Kael was there yesterday she asked him where Grandma Becky's camera was and he took her right to that box. I bet his Mom and Dad have fun finding things at times!!

The second picture is Caden at Tyler's t-ball game. He doesn't pay much attention to the game yet...but he has fun playing in the dirt, playing with his grandma's and grandpa's. He is such a cute little guy and has a really bubbly personality.

I am still swollen today although I did feel just a little bit better than yesterday. I actually got dressed today which is more than I can say for the rest of the week. My energy was back too. I just had one period of sweating and nausea so I laid down to rest and felt better after a quick nap.

I still read the American Idol news when I get a chance. I read yesterday that all of the top four idols will be getting a record contract. Paris will be doing a jazz Christmas album to be out in time for this Christmas. Not sure what anyone else is doing yet.

If you're watching the NBA finals this Sunday...Elliott Yamin will be singing the national anthem for game 2 that starts at 9PM EDT.

Bucky Covington was at a Kelly Clarkson concert in Oklahoma last night. He reportedly sang the song "Sweet Home Alabama" with the band Sawyer Brown. There was a rumor earlier in the season that Sawyer Brown had asked Bucky to join their band....could that be his future? Time will tell.

One more tidbit...Right now this is just a rumor but could be a true one. One of the fan sights says that ...."People magazine will declare Taylor one of this year's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors."

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