Sunday, June 11, 2006

I took this picture last night of Rhebeca and Grandma Marilyn. My Mom called and asked us to come over for pizza and strawberry offer too good to refuse! And, Alan and Eutemia were dropping off the kids for a couple hours and we wanted to see them too. I thought it was so cute how Beca was sitting on her Great Grandma's lap that I told them to freeze and wait till I got my camera!

Rhebeca asked if she could come over to our house for a little while and I told her yes. Wayne had to leave early to fix a crane machine so my Dad took Beca and I home. Rhebeca started talking about spending the night and I knew she wanted to. I asked her if she'd like to and she said yes. It was a pure pleasure to have her stay with us. I had just finished fixing up the new scrapbook room and it has a pullout couch and TV in it so I had her lay down in that bed around 10:30 and she said she watches TV and falls asleep that way....just like Grandma Becky:) I got up several times in the night....kind of worried about her....and she slept SO good!! She moves a lot in her sleep and I think she almost did a complete circle.

Rhebeca is now hooked on Fish Tycoon just as bad as Tyler and I. I had worked on her account all week to get her a lot of money and she had fun taking over the management. She is a little older than Tyler and plays a little differently. She didn't spend the money quite as fast as he did but wanted to save it. We're all different!!

I sleep in a recliner because sleeping all night in a bed hurts my back and my neck. I don't like it but that's the way it is and I've tried to learn to accept it. Last night I was really tired and fell asleep before I got the foot rest up and my feet were down on the floor all night. This morning my feet had SO much fluid in them....I've never seen them so bad. I took a water pill and tried to keep them up for several hours. By tonight, they are a little big better. I will be making sure tonight that the foot rest is UP.

Otherwise I felt pretty good today. I'll take all of those kind of days that I can get. I'm hoping tomorrow is good too because Tyler wants to come here tomorrow afternoon and do...guess what?....Fish Tycoon:)

And, finally is the latest on the American Idol former contestants from this year......

Could this be right? According to the NY Post's Page Six, "Taylor Hicks has signed on to be managed by Jeff Kwatinetz's The Firm, which also reps former "Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson. Wouldn't 19E be managing Taylor's career at this point? Kelly signed on with The Firm after she left 19...

ETA: Here's a profile of The Firm from Yahoo Finance.

According to the Tonight Show's website Taylor Hicks will be a guest on June 22 with Kevin Spacey. Taylor will be the musical guest, promoting his new single, "Do I Make You Proud", onsale this Tuesday. Thanks cam and Maria.
Elliott Yamin is featured in this week's TV Guide. I haven't picked up my copy yet--but I will soon. Here's a blurb from the TVGuide website, "Everybody Loves Elliott--American Idol's third runner-up looks back on the challenges he's overcome--and looks forward to a great career."

And check out a photo of Melissa McGhee practicing her mermaid routine for the Hernando County 2006 Hurricane Expo taking place at Weeki Wachee Springs this weekend.

Anyone interested in reading the whole article or seeing what is on this American Idol blog daily you can go to mj's big blog . This lady is really an interesting person to read. She scouts out all the American Idol information she can and lets people know if it's fact or rumor!!

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