Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monday was a beautiful day here in northern Indiana...not too hot and not too cold with a nice breeze. About 3:00 Monday afternoon I listened to a message left on my phone around noon from Tyler and Rhebeca and they were inviting me to my Mom & Dad's house for pancakes. Well, I knew it was too late for pancakes so I drove over and was just gonna play with the 3 of them. When I got there they were getting ready to go to the park....the BIG park.

At first I tried to keep up with them but real quickly realized my pain flared up too quickly and I needed to sit. So, I sat on a picnic table and tried to keep an eye on Rhebeca and Tyler while my Mom watched Caden. I would get fleeting moments of great shots of the two of them so I posted them today.

I have had a couple of decent days physically except for the fact that I've had the grandkids here a lot lately and I've really overdone it ... but it's a good thing to overdo it playing with them. I've paid for it at night with pain flareups. Last night I couldn't get to sleep until about 4:00 and slept till 5:30. I just ached all over from my feet to my neck. I'm doing a little better feet ache today but right now (knock on wood) my back is decent....hoping it will stay that way.

I finally have my scrapbook room moved from the basement to the former play room. It is the room in the house that gets the most light and I LOVE the outside light. That's why I disliked it so much in the basement...I felt like I was in a dungeon. I have posted on the bottom of this a layout I did last night while I watched TV and enjoyed my new scrapbook room. There is no way I can keep up with scrapbooking for 6 grandkids so I do what I can and hope to have it done for them some day.

The layout is not as crooked as it looks...somehow the scanner makes it end up looking crooked. If you are a scrapbooker and want to scan a 12x12 paper...I found a wonderful inexpensive program. It's called ArcSoft Panorama Maker. You scan part of one side of the 12x12 paper and then turn it around and scan the other half. The program then will read it and put together perfectly! I read about it on a scrapbook message board and did a google search for it!

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