Friday, June 16, 2006

Last week I went in to Dr. Stillson for swelling in my feet, ankles, legs and really my whole body. He told me to stop the Lotrel which is one of my blood pressure medications and come back to see him in a week. Yesterday was my one week appointment and I was very anxious to know what the blood pressure was doing. Well...thank goodness it is staying down in a very normal range!! But...the swelling was back again. It had gone away and I had nice looking ankles for several days but it came back full force the morning of my appointment.

The doctor seemed a little disappointed himself that the swelling had returned but was pleased that the blood pressure remained low. He gave me a new "water pill" to works in a totally different way than the one I've been using so hopefully it will help. I will get that filled tomorrow!

I can take the swelling except that it makes the neuropathy in my feet more painful and the swelling also causes a LOT more back pain so that makes it pretty easy to remember to take the water pill. Pain is an amazing motivator.

Tyler spent a couple hours here this afternoon and as usual I enjoyed having him here. I don't think I've ever seen a child (unless it was Rhebeca) so able to play by himself with a HUGE imagination. I enjoy just sitting and watching that imagine go wild.

Before I had the morphine pump implanted I was on a very high amount of narcotics because of the horrible back pain. I couldn't ever have imagined pain that high and how it could affect me in every area of life. One of the medicaitons I was taking was fentanyl in the form of a small sucker. It was probably the most effective medicine in the end. The only problem with that medication is that it has almost ruined every tooth in my mouth. I have had several root canals and crowns and need a LOT more work done on my teeth. I think it's next week that I go to see a new dentist for an estimate and then I'll decide which doctor seems best and get started on this work.

About 3 days ago I was flossing and a piece of one of my teeth broke off and now tonight I was chewing and started chewing on something that felt like eating egg shells. I went into the bathroom to see which tooth it was and of all the luck it was a piece off of another one of my upper front teeth. I feel like going on a liquid diet...if it happens again I think I will go on that diet!!

Tomorrow I should have some good pictures because it's Caden (Katie & Steve's youngest) 2nd birthday party!!

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