Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In the pictures on the bottom of this post you can see that Caden is standing in the doorway of his house welcoming everyone that is coming to his birthday party. He acted like he really knew what a birthday party is...and maybe he did!! What a change from a year ago. He was still a baby at one year old. He has grown and learned so much in just a years time. He actually enjoyed opening his presents. He tore little tiny pieces off of the package at a time which made for a really long time for gift opening. I know that Tyler wanted to help his brother but he used great restraint in watching like the rest of us.

Please excuse the double post of Katie and Caden opening gifts. It takes me about 40 minutes to get these pictures on here and if I delete one picture they all go. I am just going to leave it this time.

Tyler sat at the table while we had cake across from me and started making all these silly faces. I got a shot of all of them but only posted a couple of them. I think the pizza on his face adds a lot to the character of the pictures. He then took over the camera and started taking pictures. I love to see what he takes pictures of and I had every little detail...even a picture of their waste basket.

Wayne called me on the telephone about 1/2 hour ago...right in the middle of scrapbooking. I didn't have a phone in that room so I went running into the bedroom. I banged my toes on the door frame and screamed out in pain. I have the neuropathy in both feet so a bang like that hurts more than it would w/o the neuropathy. After I talked to him I came into the computer room and started working on posting these pictures. I looked down at my toes wondering why they were still hurting and my toe next to the big one (the pointer toe?) was all bloody. I looked at where my foot was resting and I couldn't have been lucky enough to have it on the plastic mat...it was just off the mat on the carpet so I just got finished scrubbing the carpet. It just seems like it never ends at times.

My health has been a little better just starting today because the swelling has gone down. Again, I don't know why it comes and I don't know why it leaves. It really is a cycle that comes often. I was popping advil every few hours while I was swollen because this time it really affected the back pain. I had the worst of the pain that I get in my back and that is the deep nerve pain into my tailbone. I almost feel paniced when that pain starts.

I have been sleeping in a recliner for over 2 years. It makes it hard to travel and I just feel like a "misfit" for not sleeping in bed like that rest of the population. I have made an effort to try to sleep in bed this last week. I have gradually increased the time every night and I actually think I'm sleeping longer at a time and better.

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