Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The picture below is Wayne that was taken when he was a Sophomore in high school and was in the yearbook for an advertisement for the laundromats his Dad and Mom owned.

Kristi send me the 2nd picture....the one right below Wayne about a week ago. She said in her caption for her picture was that Jacob enjoys helping with the laundry. She had never even seen the picture of Wayne before. So, for Father's day she had a picture made up of both of these pictures and put them in a frame. It was a cute idea for Wayne.

Katie called me with another good idea for Father's Day. She told Tyler she was trying to figure out what to do for Grandpa Wayne for Father's Day. Tyler's idea was a certificate for 1 time of fishing with Tyler. I thought that was so sweet! And, Grandpa Wayne thought it was a good idea too. I am usually the one that spends time with Tyler so it will be good for both of them to be together without me along.

Four Cousins taken Spring 2005

It's been a hot and very humid day here in northern Indiana and to top it off thunderstorms are moving their way in for tonight. There will probably be a few scared children that end up in their parents bed for the night.

Rhebeca came over this afternoon for a few hours. We have a good time together. I was limited to what I could do with her today because my feet were so swollen and painful. She loves to get into my jewelry chest and play jewelry store. I am the customer...she is the store owner and I come in and buy from her. I found some old checks so I now can pay her with a check. She is alot of fun to have around.

As I said in the above paragraph...the swelling is back. I got to enjoy one day without it. I am getting to the point that I'm ready to make an appointment with the pain doctor and see he thinks it could be the morphine. From the different message boards I have gone to it appears that morphine can cause edema. It he thinks it's causing the swelling then he can change the medication in the pump. It would be so nice if it were that simple!!

I have been working several days on the layout above. I have to make four identical ones and I can't believe how much more time consuming it is to just keep popping out the same layout. I am almost done today and can start on something else. I am really enjoying my new scrapbooking room.

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