Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is Tyler. He spent several hours with me this afternoon. The only thing I don't like about keeping him that long is that I get so attached to him and really miss him when he goes home. All I can say is he's delightful!! I didn't say perfect but neither am I perfect. I was surprised he let me take this picture. He has been very private about dressing and using the restroom but today he didn't say anything about me being in there when he took his bath. I try to respect him when he wants his's an important part of growing up when you realize that you don't undress in front of people:) Tyler put suds on his chin and was pretending to be Santa Claus and saying ho ho ho!! We played board games, he painted, we were going to bake cookies but I didn't have enough ingredients and we played computer games together.

I had a fairly decent least for me. The swelling is not down in my feet but I'm wondering it the water pill has reduced it some internally and that's why I'm better. The neuropathy in my feet was so much better today. I usually take 3 pills a day for the nerve pain but only had to take 2 today. And, my back pain was much much better than usual. I will take all the days like this that come my way!

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