Saturday, June 24, 2006

I kept Caden (Steve & Katie's youngest) for about an hour today. He just turned two and really isn't hard to just takes more physical action than if he were older. Right now an hour or a little longer is about my limit with a child his age. He doesn't understand my condition like the older two grandchildren do. He found lots to do. His attention span is probably very normal for a boy his age. We played with playdough, played video games as you see above, and looked at some computer programs I found for a boy his age. I think what he enjoyed the most is when I started to twirl him on my desk chair. I didn't go too fast because I didn't want him to fall off. It was his idea to put the plastic box on the chair and get inside of it. I would lift him in and then when he looked like he might be getting dizzy I would stop the twirling and he'd fall on me. (I was sitting on the bed) I loved back didn't:(

I asked Caden when he was here if he wanted to take a bath but he didn't act too interested so I decided to let his Mommy take care of the bath. I like the Cheetos all over his mouth. I have the 100 calorie bags of the baked cheetos in the cupboard and he knows where to find them.

Tyler had his school physical today. He will be starting kindergarten in the fall. (actually summer now). Unfortunately he had to have 3 shots. Katie said it took 3 of them to hold him down and he was screaming. I'm so glad I wasn't there...I couldn't have stood it. I'm so close to him that I couldn't stand to see him so upset. What's really funny is that I asked him afterwards how his doctor's appointment went....I said....I heard you had to get 3 shots....did you cry? He said...No, I just whined a little bit. Katie really laughed at that one after being the one there with him.

I had a decent day physically today. They are few in number so I enjoy them when they come. My feet were still swollen but for some reason I was feeling better...and I'll take it!!!

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