Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This past Sunday Rhebeca and Eutemia were baptized at the Plymouth Wesleyan Church. I was having a terrible day but I didn't want to miss seeing them baptized. Afterwards, my Mom & Dad had us all over to their house for dinner. The kids had a good time playing. We have 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. I need to get used to rough playing with 5 grandsons. The boys took the cushions of the couch and as you can see in the picture they had fun wrestling on top of the cushions. I had to sit there and keep an eye on Caden...the littlest who seemed to always end up on the bottom of the pile.

The first picture is our youngest grandchild...Kaleb. He is such a cutie. His parents think he looks like Curious George with the big eyes. He is such a cutie but we don't know him real well yet because he is so attached to his Mommy. He doesn't really want anyone holding him except for his Mommy. We keep trying and one of these days he'll come out of his dependency on Mom....and it can't be any too soon for her tastes. I asked her Sunday how she gets anything done and she said that when she puts him down he clings to her leg crying.

Tyler spent the day here yesterday and I was so tired. I tried to take a nap but everytime I would get to sleep Tyler didn't like it and would say....Becky, wake up, you're sleeping. We played games, did water balloons, watched TV, played with army men, and made rollout frosted cookies. He loves helping to cook. He did the rolling of the dough and cutting out the cookies. I frosted the cookies and he put on the sprinkles. Needless to say...there was cookie sprinkles all over the floor but it cleaned up pretty fast after he went home. He had several of his cookies to take home after eating a few while he was here.

I go to the 2nd dentist for an opinion this afternoon. The 1st one kind of worried me for 2 reasons....1st, he had appointments open every day at any time I wanted. This 2nd dentist has a 3-4 week wait. The 2nd reason is that when we were in there they gave a lady a shot and she screamed. Not sure if it was just her or if their techniques weren't all that good. So, I imagine I will stay with the dentist I'm seeing today. I can't wait to get my front teeth fixed so I can smile again. I hate having them all chipped up. I feel like a hillbilly:)....and now I can see why some people have the rottted out and broken teeth. Dentistry is expensive and not everyone can afford it!!

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