Thursday, June 29, 2006

The pictures are of our grandson, Kael. He is Alan and Eutemia's middle child/oldest boy. He will be 3 the end of August. Hehas this thing about fish right now!! He carries around little rubber sharks all day long and cries at night if he drops them while he's sleeping. can imagine his delight at getting to go fishing today. I wish I could do things like fishing with the grandkids but it is too physically demanding for my health. My Mom...Kael's great Grandma took him fishing. She tries to fill in the gaps for what I would like to be doing but can't. I try to accept these limitiations but at times it's really difficult.

I had an ultra sound done of my gall bladder, liver and kidney's this morning. I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight. I was good and followed their instructions. What I really worried about is getting the chest pains. When I get those pains I have to eat something and drink a glass of water to get them to stop. I got lucky and didn't have any last night!! It was a real difficult morning because I usually take morphine and ibuprofen when I first get up and it helps me to get going. Since I couldn't do that the pain was really bad. I even had pain in both knees this morning. Just my luck they had an emergency situation in the ultra sound room. They were examining a baby that was just born yesterday. It took them an hour to do the ultra sound on the baby. I had to wait about 1 1/2 hours to get in to the room. I was just ready to leave and reschedule and they came and called me in the room. Won't know till Dr. Stillson's office calls with the results. I think I'm doing better since I stopped taking one of my blood pressure medicines. So...we'll see!!

Katie is so good to me....when she makes trips to the store she almost always calls me and asks me to join her. She'll never know how much it means to me and how it makes my day. All 3 of our children have been so good to me since I've been sick. Yesterday Katie and I and Tyler and Caden went to WalMart together....we needed to get a bridal shower gift. On our way out, Katie was going to get Caden some french fries at the McDonald's inside our WalMart. Well, the line was long and the fries weren't even done so she decided to go to Wendy's in front of WalMart instead. I have never seen Caden get so upset. He kicked and screamed and cried and Katie could barely get him in the car seat. He continued to cry and nothing we said or did would help. He didn't even want anything at Wendy's. I mentioned to Katie that maybe we should just drine to McDonald's. She agreed. As soon as we turned in their driveway Caden got the biggest grin on his face and was so happy!! I can't believe a little guy that's just 2 years old knows those restaurants so well. He's a pretty smart little guy!!

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