Friday, June 30, 2006

Today was haircut day! Steve and his boys Tyler and Caden and I all got haircuts. We are lucky that our beautician will come to our house for our hair cuts. Since I can't drive to her shop about 30 minutes away I feel very fortunate that she will come here. On top of that she does a great job!!

The top picture is Caden. He has always been so good for his haircuts but he wasn't today. When Katie came here one of her first comments is that Caden has hit his "terrible twos". He held on to that title during his haircut too. He squirmed and cried and threw a little fit (just a little one!). If you look closely he is holding a sucker...even that didn't work today. I don't know how MaryBeth can cut while he's moving around like that but she does a good job of it.

Tyler looks happy in his picture but that was about his last bit of happiness once the haircut started. His Mom had gone out to run an errand when it was his time and he refused to get on the chair. I finally bribed him with a dollar and that at least got him in the chair. Tyler's haircuts always hurt and itch and you name happens to Tyler...or at least he thinks it does.

I got a call from the doctor's office today regardng my gall bladder ultrasound. He said there is some sludge in the gall bladder but no stones. He said they are not sure if that causes problems but if I start having problems again then I should come back in and they will make me an appointment with a surgeon. Oh fun!!! The liver had a small fatty deposit which is harmless and the kidney's were fine.

I was supposed to get a pump refill this morning but woke up feeling exhausted and sick. I called and rescheduled for next week. I'm so glad I make my apointments early in regards to when the pump alarms will sound off indicating low amount of medicine. By scheduling it early in that time period I have room to change my appointment.

When Kristi was about 18 months old and Alan was 3 years old.... I decided to go back to college and started in at IUSB. Kristi did not adjust to the day care at all. She would cry the whole 2 hours I was gone. After 2 days of her being so unhappy I decided it wasn't worth it and dropped my classes. I have never regreted that decision and I hope it was a sign to her of how much she means to me. Well, Kristi called yesterday with a delima. She was supposed to work at the doctor's office but wasn't comfortable for several reason about the place she was leaving Jacob. She called me and asked me what I thought she should do. From my experience with her in the past I told her that Jacob is her first priority. She agreed and called in to tell them she had some babysitting problems. You just never know when the decisions we make will come back around and either haunt us because of a bad choice or make us so happy that we did the right thing in the past. This was one of those times I looked back and was very happy that I'd made the right choice and done the right thing!!!

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