Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tyler spent a little over an hour here today. When he first got here he saw the few fireworks I bought for him and Beca to do for the 4th of July. He immediately wanted to try some of them and I thought it wouldn't hurt to go ahead a couple of days early and try them out. Pictured are him holding the little black disc that is a "snake" and he and Wayne watching one of the "snakes" that I bought him. It is a little black disc and when you light it there starts to come out of it something that looks like a snake.

The other pictures are of Tylers "ouchies". He fell on the sidewalk when he and his Mom were in town doing errands. When he got here he showed me and we both thought it was in need of bandaids. I think it took a little more than 7-8 bandaids to cover his sore knees. I think it adds to the picture of the closeup of his knees the fact that they're all dirty. He asked me to take pictures of his ouchies and put them in my blog. I sure couldn't resist a request like that!!

Tyler's parents didn't want him using the computer games today so last night at WalMart I got some things for us to do together. I got puzzles, find the hidden pictures, Old Maid, Go Fish and more. They were inexpensive but made for a very fun afternoon. After he was done doing the fireworks he was ready to get busy working on some of the books we had for him. We had fun and spent the most time playing Old Maid. He was so funny! If he had the Old Maid he would point to the card and say..."take this one , Becky". I kind of intentionally lost each game. His tender little ego needs to win to feel good about himself right now. I think my opinion of myself is a little stronger than Tyler' doesn't hurt me to lose Old Maid.

I had a terrible day physically today. Every joint in my body hurt and I have the dreaded pain into my tailbone from the low back. It is the pain I dread getting the most because it's compression/nerve pain and very uncomfortable. I am also extremely fatigued. I have fallen alseep with everything I've done today and am having trouble even typing this w/o falling asleep. There's always hope for tomorrow to be a better day.

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