Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Grandma's have learned that it's good to know where the kids are and what they're doing. A little mess cleans up pretty quick. I'm amazed at how quick I clean things up once the kids go home. These pictures were taken by my Mom and she said she was busy preparing dinner and it was nice to keep these two occupied! Kael is 2 years old...will be 3 in August and little Kaleb will be 1 year old July 22nd. The two boys have just begun playing together and I'm sure it gives Mom a needed break when they do that.

My Mom fixed a wonderful meal for today....Independance Day. One of the things that's my favorite that she made is Texas Sheet Cake. It's no wonder that the cake was so delicious...she had great expert help from Kael:)

My Mom & Dad had everyone over for the 4th of July celebration dinner this evening. I really wanted to go but just couldn't do it this time. I had a really big day yesterday and didn't sleep real well last night so I have been in more pain and exhausted all day today. I'm feeling better by tonight but now it's too late to go to dinner!! I had muscle aches, exhaustion and swollen feet, ankles and legs today that added together made me feel pretty rough. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow since I rested today. I had wanted to have Rhebeca over here to spend the night but with the way I feel she probably wouldn't have much fun. I'm hoping we can do that one day real soon!!

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