Thursday, July 06, 2006

Steve, Katie, Tyler and Caden came for lunch on Monday. We ordered pizza and then Tyler wanted to play games. While we played games everyone else took a nap! I had gotten these smoke bombs at WalMart and he decided he wanted to do some more "fireworks". He loved these smoke bombs. Tyler doesn't like anything real most fireworks bother his ears. He like the smoke bombs because they were colorful, quiet and just plain fun to watch all that smoke.

I had another really bad day today. My feet were extremely painful from the neuropathy. There is really no good way to explain nerve pain except to say it's very uncomfortable. I was going to run some errands ths afternoon and push myself physically but when I got in the car the battery was dead and Wayne was in Elkhart. So, I just stayed home and kept my feet elevated and tried to get them feeling better. By this evening I was chilling and felt like I had a fever but didn't feel good enough to find the thermometer.

Tomorrow morning is another pump refill. Even if I'm sick I have to drag myself there because I was scheduled for last week and put it off for one week and I don't want to run out of morphine in my pump!! Hopefully I'll feel a little bit better by tomorrow:)

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