Friday, July 07, 2006

The top picture is of Tyler and Rhebeca playing a game. It turned out a little blurry...maybe I moved a little bit?

The next one is of Rhebeca trying on summer clothes for me a few weeks ago.

The bottom picture is Kaleb in his little car....with the type of fuel called "feet pedaling"!

Tyler and Rhebeca came over this afternoon for a few hours. We all had a good time together. First, Tyler was here by himself and he had such a good time in Wayne's office in the garage. We had a crane full of stuffed animals and he could keep recycling his quarters. He got four animals out and then gave them all to Rhebeca when she got here. I knew they meant a lot to her because she said she was going to save all of them and keep them on her bed. Tyler loved using the crane as many turns as he wanted. What little kid wouldn't love doing that?

Then we ate "lupper" was 3:30 and we'd had no lunch and it was early to call it supper so Tyler thought it was pretty funny to call it lupper....a cross between lunch and supper:)

By then it was time for Rhebeca to come. Tyler was so excited to see her. They are really good friends. We played Uno and Old Maid. Beca won the game of Uno. Tyler and I played as a team but he caught on real fast. While I was resting and sitting in front of a fan to cool off they played a couple of games by themselves. I have been trying to get more games here since Tyler's parents don't want him on the computer. The computer had worked out so well for me before because I could do it without being active and increasing my pain. The games are a little tougher but I just have to realize now that I'll be in a little more pain when he goes home...but it's worth keeping him still...even with the added pain."

Today was my pump refill. I am a member of an online group that all have the pain pumps. Many of them complain of going for a pump refill and never even seeing the doctor. Well, Dr. Grove isn't like that...he always shows up in the room for whatever questions I may have. One thing he cleared up in my mind is that if I'm taking motrin it is a very good choice for that type of pain relief and shouldn't cause too many stomach problems. So taking up to 8 pills a day like I sometimes do itn't supposed to be harmful. I really trust his opinion on the drugs because he got his degree to begin with in pharmacy. Otherwise everything, including the pump, went well for the refill.

I got some really bad news from the lady that called me to schedule the next pump refill. Dr. Grove is leaving and will be gone for 4 months. He is in the reserves and got deployed to serve. I will really miss having his care. I will now be seeing Dr. Beatty for my care until Dr. Grove gets back. Our servicemen are very fortunate to have such a good doctor to help them. I will be adding his safety to my prayer list:)

When I found out about Dr. Grove I called Wayne right away to tell him. Rhebeca was listening to me talk and when I got off the phone she said..."Grandma, you sure use a lot of big words when you talk to Grandpa". I couldn't figure out what words she meant so I asked her if she meant deployed was a big word. She said yes that one and there were some others. I thought that was so cute that she was thinking that conversation through. I wish now I would have explained to her what deployed means....but at the time I didn't think of it.

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