Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I have had an interesting day today with things arising that I never expected. I woke up feeling terrible without any hope of feeling better as the day wore on. But, I know from experience that things can change fast for me. When I got up my feet/ankles/legs/hands/fingers and more were swollen worse than I've ever seen them! And, I was feeling the effects of that swelling with pain...the 4 letter word that I didn't want but got anyway.

Our son has been having some back and neck pain and it worries me that his back might have my same problems. He went for a MRI last week and got the report today. It was not good. He is having some of the me problems that I had in the beginning. He has one more level of the spine affected than I do. I have problems at I had at the beginning of all this pain. I hope and pray that he find a good doctor that knows some of he newer treatments. I do know that he should try everything else before he thinks about surgery. My heart just felt heavy fter hearing that news.

After that Katie called me and wanted to know if I felt like picking up the boys some time this afternoon so t she was dolay at our home before she was done working. By then I was starting to feel a little bit better so I told her to call me when she had about 2 hours left and I would pick them up and take the to the playground in LaPaz. There is one inside McDonalds the and in the Burger King. Katie suggested that we go to the Burger King because it's not as big for Caden and he can manage better there.

Everything went well when I picked them up. It made me feel so good that Caden came running to me. We got in the car and sang all the way to Burger King...while I was worried that I didn't have the child lock on Caden's door. It just scared me to death and even though he's buckld in his seat ...I kept seeing him in my head opening the door and falling out. I didn't drive very fast because I am not used to being on the highway. Well....we made it there w/o Caden falling out of the car:)

We were the only ones there and the building is rather small so I took them to the playground and told them they could play while I ordered our food! I was waiting for the food to be done and saw Tyler motioning for me to come back there. I was worried that one of them might have gotten hurt so went back to see what he wanted. He told me rather sheepishly that he had a tummy ache most of the day (which he also told me about on the way to Burger King). He said he had a little diahrrea in his underwear. I asked him if he wanted me to clean him up and he could go without his underwear. He didn't like that idea and wanted to call his Mommy. She suggested we go to my house and I agreed. He thought he'd had that diahrrea in his underwear for a couple hours...I felt SO sorry for him!! It was no easy task to get two boys, all our food and misc. things back out to the car. I carried way too much for my condition but there was no other choice. I got them all in the car and started driving towards home when Caden cried because he dropped his food. I stopped the car and got what he needed. We started up again towards home and it wasn't 30 seconds till he dropped his food agian. I told im that he would have to wait till we got to Grandma Becky's house to get his food. He cried (very loudly, as he does everything:) all the way home. Tyler started screaming at him to be quiet and I kept trying to explain that he would get what he wanted when he got to my house. Nothing worked till we got almost home and I told them we'd stop at Dairy Queen and get milk shakes. That sounded good to Tyler...Caden kept on crying.

Then Tyler and I started looking for Dairy Queen...Caden really got into that and would ask...Is that Dairy Queen? I even got him laughing. We got there to DQ and ordered the cherry shakes they wanted and we home before we knew it. I opened the sacke to get the shakes for them and they were Cherry Slushy's. NOT what Tyler wanted and he started crying. I got them both occupied...Tyler with a bath and Caden with the toys and got a needed rest.

And...tonight I'm exhausted and very very swollen an dhope I can sleep! Tomorrow is the day I see the psychologist for the disability hearing and I hope I have a decent day so I can make the trip!!

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