Sunday, August 06, 2006

Today has not been one of the best days I've had physically but it's not been the worst either. My joints are all so painful and my back is worse than usual and my stomach has been bad for several days now with the bloating, burping and gas. I'm about to the point where I am ready to get the gall bladder removed since the doctor's said that's probably the culprit for these symptoms. I talked to Wayne and will probably get it done at the same hospital that my pain doctor has his office. Then I could have the pain doctor handle the pain control and then he could also assist and tell the surgeon where the pump and the catheter is at so the surgeon doesn't disturb either one.

I had a call today from someone that my Aunt told about my successful treatment of my feet with the Anodyne Therapy. I got to thinking that I should post the web site here so you can check it out if you want. There is a place where you enter your zip code and it will tell you where they give the anodyne treatment in your area. If you want to see their site you can find them here.

And, lastly, I have scanned and posted my two lastest scrapbook pages. When I scan them they get on the scanner just a little crooked and the outcome is that everything doesn't look straight on the page....but you can still see the basics of what I did. Tyler has quite an imagination as these pictures show. He was only three years old and kept having accidents with this little car and would be sprawled out on the pretend street.

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Kristen Covelle said...

Nicely done.