Friday, August 11, 2006

Jacob playing games with the big boys!
What is the attraction of these video games that even a little one
less than 2 years old will want to play them? Kristi sent this picture
and said she and Eric were both laughing at Jacob. They were
eating at CiCi's Pizza and Jacob took his chair and scooted it into
the game room. You have to do something to compensate when your're
only a couple feet tall! Jacob has discovered chairs and Kristi says he scoots
them all over the house to get to where he wants/needs? to be. It's not a very
big picture but Jacob is the one in the middle standing on the chair.

Rhebeca and Kaleb
This was taken a little over a year ago. Kaleb was 1 day old.
Isn't he a beautiful baby with a beautiful older sister?
The scaner cut part of the top and bottom always does
that for some reason. This scrapbooking layout is my accomplishment for the week.
It's not much but it's better than nothing.

I had a little better day today except I made a mistake this morning. I took the newest pill that the pain doctor gave me for my feet. It really seems to help without many side effects. I do seem to have one side effect with it and that is it makes me extremely sleepy. So, I didn't get much done today and got dressed about 4:00 to go out and get a prescription.
The mailman came to the door again today. I have never been dressed (I do have a nightgown and robe on:) when he comes to deliver a package. Today he delivered a birthday present for Rhebeca...I wonder what it could be?? Rhebeca reads my blog so I'm not gonna say but I think she'll like it!
Not much else new...not much happens when you sleep and surf the web most of the day.

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