Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tyler on the slip 'n' slide
At the beginning of the spring season I bought a cheap slip 'n' slide at WalMart. Tyler
saw it today in the garage and wanted to play with it. Wayne said "ugh" because
he just wanted to relax but I talked him into helping us put it together. The only
problem with it is the water sprayed out instead of in on the slide. Wayne used
the soap in the bubbles bottle to make it slippery and it did help. Tyler got quite a few
runs in..more than I could count!!

Wayne's boat at Dixon Lake
Wayne has had this boat for a couple of years. Kristi got it for him for
Christmas one year and he used it a lot several years ago...and it's been shelved
for a while. Wayne was in the mood to get it out's so beautiful outside today
that it's nice just to be out. Tyler not only watched the boat go but he enjoyed throwing
rocks in the lake and trying to catch little fish. He was so much fun to watch because he would just
jump right in the water and try to catch the fish with his hands. He also had fun looking under rocks
to see what he could find. .He had such a good time. He also has a longer attention span than even I do.
My feet have been pretty bad this weekend. They burn like crazy and feel like there's rubber bands wrapped around my feet really tight. I have a home unit that helps a little bit and a little bit is better than nothing. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night. I think at most I got an hour and even that was interupted by waking because my feet hurt.
Yesterday was one of the best days I've had for a while. I had energy and felt SO good. It never lasts very long it seems. I keep striving for even a week feeling good. I wouldn't know what to do with myself.
I listed the American Idol tickets on ebay. So, if you're interested you can look up the tickets. I keep falling asleep at the computer and typing several lines of r's or p's, etc. So, it's off for a nap I go.

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