Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Young Love!

Anyone recognize this young couple? It's Wayne and I on our wedding day
just a few years ago!

Tyler and Santa in 2001
Tyler doesn't care a whole lot for Santa
when he was just a year old. The strips of paper are
on a white sheet of cardstock which doesn't show up in
the scan. It looks better in person than it does here.

Today was a very rough day for me. Mostly emotionally more than physically. I have been so depressed since seeing the rheumatologist and I'm just having a really hard time working through having the rheumatoid arthritis. I try to keep busy so I can't let my mind wander but it doesn't always work.

I took a class at the scrapbook store tonight and wouldn't you know it but the lady sitting next to me is on disability for her low back pain. I enjoyed hearing her stories and learning about what it was like for her in getting the disability. She did get one lump sum check for the 3-5 years before that plus a small amount

Our granddaughter was in a car accident a little more than 3 years ago. The car was totaled but thank goodness she and her Mommy were all right although Rhebeca's window shattered and Rhebeca had to have her forehead and under her chin stitched up. Yesterday, Alan saw a dark kind of blackish mark under Rhebeca's chin. Upon closer look...it was a piece of glass working its way out of her body. After THREE years! What a surprise. Her Mommy took her to the doctor today and Rhebeca threw a fit so they couldn't take it out in the office. She will have to be anesthesized on Oct. 23rd and they will remove it then.

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