Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I haven't posted for quite some time. I am still depressed over dealing with being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I thought that maybe after a couple of weeks I would begin to feel better about it but I just don't yet. While it's good to have a diagnosis it's not so good knowing what it is!

A couple of cute grandkid stories. I was talking to Kristi on the phone last week and she stopped talking for a little bit and said..."Jacob, I told you not to eat those tractor tires". Like the saying goes..."Your sins will find you out." While changing his diaper...there were the wheels:) I asked her if she was going to recycle and all she said was..."Gross"!! I think it meant no!!

Katie took me to the store yesterday. Tyler was riding on my cart with me (the electric wheelchair) and while we were in the checkout line he saw a little girl from his school. He started saying ..."Oh no!, oh no!!" I asked him what was wrong and he said there's a girl from my school. She was in the line next to ours and she was standing there looking at her. I told him to say hi and he fell into a heap on the bottom of the cart and said..." I can't!" His face turned beet red. I was really surprised he was so embarassed over this little girl. She was so cute and just kept smiling at me like she understood Tyler's problem. He wouldn't even tell me or his Mom what her name is.

Tyler visiting me during the day last week.

I get kind of lonely during the week . I get especially lonely on the days
that Wayne works a 15 hour day. He does that 2-3 days a week. I love
having Tyler come over for the afternoon on those days to keep me company.
Caden is a little young for me to watch for very long yet but his day will come:)

Caden having lunch here while his Mom went to the doctor!!

Wayne and I were fortunate to be able to attend Rhebeca's soccer game
last Friday evening. We enjoyed watching that healthy little body run
from one end to the other. I makes for a thirsty little girl:)
As you can see, my camera does a bad job with red eye. The flash
is too close to the lens. I usually doctor them up but didn't get this one
done yet.

My latest scrapbook project has been scrapbooking Jacob's 1st birthday.
He turned 2 in September so I'm somewhat behind but I keep plodding away.
He loved his cake and didn't seem to mind one bit that it was all over his face and hands.
You can't really tell by these layouts but they are 9x9 instead of my normal 12x12.
I thought maybe it would be nice to do a few of the kids books in this size. You can
still "doctor" the pages up about as much as the 12x12.

I sold a lot of my old scrapbook items this year when our local scrapbook
store had their annual "garage sale". I earned enough to buy a machine
called the "cricut". There are several different programs to buy but the
one that came with the machine is very good. It has all the basic shapes along
with the uppercase, lowercase and numbers on it. When printing it out you can choose
from 1 inch to 5 1/2 inches. The letters "All Gone" were made using the machines along
with the photo corners and the circles underneath the picture!

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