Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kael is holding up three fingers because I asked him how old he is. Three
is a hard number for little ones to hold up their fingers but it looks like he's
figured out an easier way to do it rather than the traditional way. This pictures
was taken after Rhebeca's soccer game last Friday. We went out to eat at
Chick Fil-A after the soccer game mostly because they have a big play area for Kael.
He wanted to head right for the play area as soon as we walked in the door. We
picked out a table that faced the play area so we could keep an eye on him. Wayne and
I sat facing the play area and I kept a close eye watching to make sure he didn't

My latest layout done at 3AM Thursday morning It's one of the favorites of my layouts that I've done lately. Picture is of Eutemia and Kaleb.

Kaleb in Mickey Mouse sunglasses

These glasses originally were Tyler's glasses. I remember him wearing them. They were bought from Katie's garage sale and now will pass down a couple more times!

Kaleb was trying to get a soccer ball but couldn't quite figure out how to get in there:)

Kael in the Mickey Mouse sunglasses

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