Thursday, November 30, 2006

I had an appointment with the pain doctor today....MY pain doctor. It is so good to have him back and he's so smart. As you can tell by the gushing I got a good increase in the meds in my pump today. He didn't come right out and say it but he beat around the bush and said it. He said that since the pump was changed from morphine to dilaudid that they should not have cut down on the oral morphine. He said that morphine gives the broadest coverage...especially intrathecally like the pump is and that my new medicine is not quite as broad of a coverage but is much stronger. Of the 3 main opiates it goes from weakest to strongest like this...morphine, dilaudid and then the strongest is fentanyl but it is not a good medicie to use in a pump. He tried to explain that too but it kinda went over my head.

I have not been posting as much because I've kept busy in the evenings with Rhebeca. We have been talking on the phone and on skype for about 1-3 hours every evening. I feel fortunate that she likes talking to me and that I don't have to worry about getting to work the next day and being tired. One thing I do appreciate and that is since I do not feel well I have the opportunity to stay home and take care of myself. Wayne works such long hours to keep us going and I'm thankful he has the health to do so. So, if there's one thing I can give our's my time!!

Yesterday our daughter-in-law stopped by the house to tell me she was going to the doctor and they would be doing an ultrasound of the baby to see if it's a girl or boy. Or course I had to come and was honored that she would ask me. It is almost a certainty that it's going to be a girl....Isabella. I am so excited. I couldn't believe how clear the ultrasound was and how you could see the baby so clearly. I am now so excited about this new little life that will enter this world sometime the end of April of beginning of May. And, finally, another girl:) I know I'll have fun picking out some clothes for her. They make such cute things for little girls.

When Rhebeca was still in Brazil I sent down 2 boxes of clothes in different sizes for her. I'm thinking it was about January or February and they had just gotten out all the spring/summer clothes which is what she would have needed in Brazil. I had so much fun picking things out and it was at Ayres and everything was on sale!! Eutemia told me that when she got that box in Brazil that she was excited and tried every outfit in the box on Beca like she was a little doll.

The rheumatologist started me on a longer and higher dose of prednisone again. It took a couple of days and I do feel much better all ready. I don't want to stay on this stuff though because I am bloated and retaining fluid while on it! I go for my MRI in 2 weeks and that will give her another clue as to whether it's rheumatoid arthritis.

That's it for today. When I was at the doctor they took my blood pressure and my tempature. My blood pressure was 157/95 and my temp was 100.5 . I feel feverish tonight so my temp must still be a little elevated and the blood pressure was probably from walking from the front door of the hospital and into my foom on the 4th floor. So, I don't feel too good tonight and am going to try to go to sleep!! I've been sleeping a little better on the prednisone this time and it sure makes a difference in how a person feels. Excuse any typos...I'll go over this tomorrow (Friday).

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