Sunday, November 26, 2006

These pictures below are from Thanksgiving evening. The kids had such a good time playing and so did Grandma Becky. I had a lot of back pain that day but was able to sit in a chair and play with the kids. I will post pictures over the next couple of days. First are the pictures below of Caden and Kael. Caden has just become old enough to start "joining the group" and playing. He had so much fun and was so cute. They enjoyed playing with their airplanes, the dog and then with the older 2 kids.

I am so thankful for these precious children. They are all so special in their own way. Even though my back is hurting I am able to enjoy the uniqueness of each of these children. It was a very wonderful thanksgiving for me and there isn't anything I could have done that I would have enjoyed more.

Kaleb enjoying his dinner.
He isn't quite old enough yet to play with the big kids. He still wants to stay close to his MaMa.
Caden and Kael play with Belle.

The Four Muskateers
From left to right...Caden, Tyler , Rhebeca and Kael
My camera leaves red eye worse than most cameras. It was just a poor design. I went into Adobe Photo to fix them and it makes their eyes all black. I think I have to figure out a different way to fix their eyes.

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