Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jacob Halloween 2005
These are my latest scrapbooking projects. The scanner on our new printer has a little smaller bed than the last scanner so I am always cutting off either the top or the bottom of my scans. On these two layouts the top got cut off the 1st one and the bottom got knocked off of the second one. Anyway, you can see the basic layout. I am scrapbooking last years halloween. I am just about done...have to do Caden yet:)
This layout doesn't look so great scanned. It is actually on a white piece of 12x12 cardstock and then on the white I added the strips of patterned and colored paper. It's a little busier than a page I usually like to make but I wanted to try this for the fun of it!!
I went to the pain doctor today. Actually I saw the associate of my pain doctor. I kind of wish I'd never was a real waste of money. But, he talked to us for about 45 minutes. He wouldn't increase the pump w/o asking Dr. Grove first. Even his nurse, when I explained the situation, said he would most likely increase the pump today. He did give me some extra vicodin to get me through till I see my doctor next week. But, he could have call that in to the pharmacy w/o me havnig to come up there.

He told me that at a certain point I might have to take a "drug holiday". That would be them weaning me slowly off of all my medication and then they would keep me off of them for two weeks He said the pain would be very intense but the theory is that when I would go back on the meds they would be much more effective. Great theory unless you're the one that has to endure 2 weeks in unbearable pain, right? I am a member of a group called pumpsters and wrote to that roup to see what they think about that idea. re

I took the vicodin before it was time for bed at about 10:00 and forgot one of the worst side effects of it...I can't sleep!!!! It's now 4:00 AM and I'm still wide awake. I guess I'll go in and find something boring on TV and see if I can drift off to sleep for a couple hours while the TV's on....maybe something kinda boring.

Christmas is going to creep up on me (and probably most people) pretty fast. I'm almost done with the shopping for the grandkids and that's the hardest part of it for me.

I wish you all a very wonderful holiday today with friends and family. I look forward to going to our daughters house. I'm fixing sweet potato casserole...which translated means....Wayne will be fixing sweet potato casserole while sit in a chair giving him directions on how to make it so my back will stay under control. It would take quite a few vicodin to be able to stand and cook!

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