Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My rheumatologists office called a couple of times today to try to set up a MRI of my wrists. When she first told me that I needed the MRI I told her I would have to be sedated. She said....you will need to bring a driver because of taking the valium. Is that all you're going to give me for the MRI is a valium? She said yes, that's it. I told her there is no way that will be enough pain relief that I can lay there for the MRI. She said ... for your wrists you have to lay on your stomach with your arms over your head. I told her that would be even worse. I apologized for being so difficult but I know what I can do and what I can't and there's no way I can lay on my back or my stomach for an MRI w/o being sedated with pain medication. She fianlly agreed to let me go to Elkhart General Hospital for the MRI and let them sedate me the same way they did for me neck 10 mnths ago!

After about 6 calls to the pain doctor's office and their appointment person I got an answer as to whether they will do a increase. Well, they won't do one without me seeing the doctor and the only one on call this week is Dr. Friedman and when I saw him a few months back he thought my pain was due to muscle spasms. I thought I'd better take a muscle relaxer this afternoon and let him know I am trying the pills and guess what?...they didn't work. It's not my muscles spasming. But, it sure didn't hurt to try and now tomorrow I can go in there prepared.

Today was Tyler's actual birthday so I called him before school this morning to sing happy birthday to him. I could tell he liked it but said...Nana said the same thing. I could hear in his voice how special he felt that we both would call to sing happy birthday. I told him we are all sure happy that he came into our family 6 years ago. He has been such a special blessing to me and great company on the days when I feel a little lonely.

Tyler's cousin Kaleb and Aunt Eutemia

Caden, Tyler's little brother

The theme of the birthday party was "Cars" from the newly released movie.
Tyler's cousin, Kael holding his new airplane. Kael always has to walk around with several things in his hands and it's usually a challenge to try to hang on to it all. Of all the grandchildren he is seems to be the one the worries a lot of the time.

Tyler and Caden waiting for the party to begin!!

Tyler on far left with his Daddy and cousin Rhebeca

Rhebeca in her new faux fur coat
Tyler sat there for a few seconds to decide what to wish for before blowing out the candles. He tricked everybody and we all laughed at him. His Dad lit all the candles and he blew them out right away w/o waiting for us to sing happy birthday. He thought he was really funny but he still had to hear us sing because the candles got lit the 2nd time.

Every little boy's fun part of a birthday...opening the gifts!

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