Sunday, December 17, 2006

Becky's swollen feet
This is an example of what I'm dealing with as far as the swelling in my feet and legs. It is painful and feels like pins and needles sticking in my feet. I am wearing the pink robe and Wayne's foot is next to mine to show a normal foot.

Rhebeca and Kael's Christmas Program
We stopped by their house before the program so we could drive together and sit together. Beca is all ready for her program and excited and nervous about singing a song with 5 other girls. Kael is taking a power nap and it helped because he did a great job and sang and participated. He's not like his Daddy at that age because his Daddy was always the one sitting on the teachers disappointing with a first child who you can't wait to see in a program:) That was one of my first lessons in learning that they don't always do what you want and have little minds of their own!

I went to the pain doctor on Friday and I saw his associate. My doctor only comes to the hospital one morning a week and that's on Thursday. The associate bumped up the pump to 7 mgs. of dilaudid a day. He said if I still need more that I can ask Dr. G rove on Thursday when I have my pump refill. They try to take it slow because they worry about respiratory depression and the patient being too sleepy. I have neither of those problems so let's get me some pain relief!

We are having Christmas at my parents house today. It's exciting to have all 3 kids and all the Grandkids there today. Missing is Eric..Kristi's husband. We will miss him but are happy to have the ones there that can make it. We decided to exchange names with the adults this year so that should be fun.

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