Sunday, December 31, 2006

We had Christmas with Alan and Eutemia and family and Steve and Katie and family yesterday at a suite at Swan Lake Golf Academy. We missed our other daughter and her husband and son but they live in Memphis and couldn't be here this weekend. Although we had a good time it doesn't seem as complete without them here.

We had our gift exchange first and the kids tore into the gifts. I had so much fun watching them and their excitement. Kael had talked for weeks about getting a mega t-rex and the picture above is his opening that package. In the first picture is Tyler opened his gag gift of underwear and socks.

Wayne went out and got a pizza and Caden is pictured enjoying his pizza. He acted starved and really tore into it. We had also brought some snack food which the kids seemed to enjoy.

There was a pool at the motel and I was looking forward to seeing if the bouyancy would make it able for me to do some pool walking. And, I was able to exercise for about 25 minutes. What a gift to me for the day. I had all but given up on exercise. Now I need to find a pool close by that will let me come and use it a couple of times a week for a reasonable price.

I wish you all a wonderful happy and healthy New Year 2007!

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