Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I've gone through quite an interesting 2 days. I have been on and off the prednisone and for very good leat in my mind they were. I went off of it right around Christmas and that's when I swelled up so bad and ended up going to the ER. It wasn't too many days after that when all my joints started to hurt again. My knees and fingers were the worst. I decided I would go back on the prednisone until I saw the rheumatologist on January 9th. After abpit 10 days (or maybe 7??) of no sleep and appetite out of control especially for sweets I decided I couldn't stand another night with no sleep and I went off the prednisone again. That was Sunday morning (12-31) and the last two days have been pure misery. I slept the very first night and then last night I slept from midnight till 5:30. That's a record!!! But, my feet and whole body swelled up something terrible and I've been in pure misery. This morning is the first time I can see that the swelling might be going down just a little big. Every time I sat down yesterday...whether at the computer or in my recliner I would fall asleep. I think that was from lack of sleep for so many nights. I did notice that the knee pain started to return last night. And, this morning I woke up with muscle spasms in my back from sleeping in one position for so long. But, I'll take these symptoms compared to not sleeping.

Is anyone else watching American Idol Rewind? They are showing the first season again but all they have shown for about 3 months now is the auditions. I wonder if they will ever move on from there. I keep watching and hoping they will move past the Hollywood week and into the actual TV time of singing solo. Season 1 is the only season I didn't follow. I got in on the last 2 weeks of it.

Only 13 days till Season 6 of American Idol starts. What a great time of year to do this. January is blah, cold and in Indiana many times gray outside so this is really something I look forward to in January!! I wonder who will catch my eye this year?

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