Saturday, January 06, 2007

You Can Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

I may not have quoted it exactly but that's the basic concept. I don't even it in the Bible or just something our parents told us to keep us on the straight and narrow path?

Thursday afternoon my sins found me out. I needed to run some errands and Tyler wanted to come with me. I think he had a plan up his sleeve for a new toy but that's okay..I like being with him. One of our stops was at the Hallmark Store to get my favorite soy candles. I don't even like it now without always having one of those burning all the time. I used to use the cheap WalMart brand and then one day I saw the most beautiful candle of all...not really but it sure did smell good.

Well, I digressed talking about my candle. I have been trying to diet most of this week. I consider it a life change and there's just a few things I won't eat anymore...that simple. On the counter of the Hallmark Store they keep a nice big container of home made caramels. They are SO good. I couldn't resist them and bought three...because they're 3 for $1.00. I thought Tyler might like some anyway. But I learned that he doesn't like those. Too bad! I'd have to eat all 3.

I started eating one as soon as I got in the car. Then we had to stop at KMart and I had to open the trunk and get my 2nd one. I didn't even make it out of the KMart parking lot when I felt something big and hard inside the caramel. It was my crown with the tooth and the post all inside the crown. I told Tyler that I had to go right to the dentist and see what I needed to do. I was scared to death. I couldn't believe my tooth came out with it.

All the way to the dentist Tyler talked about his visit to the dentist. I kept thinking I wish this was my first visit and my teeth just needed cleaned. Then Tyler had a bright idea...he said..."Becky, why don't you just grow more teeth?" Oh, if it were just that simple. I had to explain to him that he would lose his teeth and more would come in but that would be all he would get. You don't get your 3rd or 4th set of teeth. Although that would be nice.

The rest of the way he kept telling me that the dentist said one of his teeth is a little loose. I had to's his only experience with the dentist and he was trying to relate to me. How sweet! I know he could see I was upset and I tried to hide it but inside I was a nervous wreck.

Well, the dentist looked at the situation and said that since there was no tooth left to work with he would have to do a bridge. I didn't even know what a bridge was but he explained it to me. I felt so much better. Since I've had a root canal in that tooth all I have to do is keep the area clean.

Tyler was so good at the dentist office. Even though I was tired and had a little headache we went home to my house and we played with his favorite new toys...the Lego Bionicles. He has kind of transferred now from the Transformers to the Bionicles. He has a whole pile of the bionicles and I get all of them except one. He gets the biggest and newest one every time and his one bionicle always beats all my bionicles. I don't mind letting him win thought. I figure it's a good way to build a little self esteem.

So...I thought no one would have to know I went off my diet a little yesterday and here I had to end up telling everyone about my tooth. There's always tomorrow for the diet and that is the life change I face. If I go off the bandwagon I need to just get right back on!

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