Sunday, January 07, 2007

Alan's 1st Christmas
While searching through the basement for the sewing machine manual I came across some scrapbooking layouts that I'd forgotten about. This is Wayne and me and Alan for his 1st Christmas. It was our 2nd Christmas as a married couple. We have all changed just a little bit! It's fun to look back at these older pictures but I just can't believe how the years have flown by.

I will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow. I went to see my general practitioner (doctor) about the swelling on Friday. I have been on every water pill they make and nothing is budging the swelling. The doctor told me that he would have admitted me on Friday but I don't qualify for hospitalization through the insurance company. I still wonder who is doing the diagnostics...the doctor or the insurance companies. They have us right where they want us if we want them to pay. Anyway, he said he can get around that by admitting me through outpatient. I kind of prefer that anyway. I can go there 3 days in a row and sleep at home.

There was one bit of good news. My doctor said that many times when a person is swelling and retaining fluid like I am that they start to develop fluid in the lungs and, thank goodness there was no sign of fluid in my lungs.

The doctor had me try a very strong water pill and said if it worked I would have to go to the hospital and if it didn't I go...Well, I'm so anxious to get rid of all this swelling. My toes have turned red and hurt really bad. He told me that in areas like the fingers and toes they are such small areas and when the tissue in them fill up with fluid it has no where to go and starts pressing on the nerves. It's all just a vicious cycle and I would like off of this cycle, please!!

I have a very nice camera but there is a flaw in it. The lens is right next to the flash and the red eye on this camera is just terrible. I have to spend about a half hour on each photo to get rid of the red eye. It is so red that most red eye removal programs won't remove it. I have decided to get a new camera and have spent the whole day looking and searching on the internet for the best rated camera for the functions I want. I had one camera picked out ...the Canon A640 and right before I was ready to buy it I read some of the forums about the camera and one of the problems is red eye. So, that one is out!! The one I really want is the Canon Digital Rebal XTi but it's about $200 out of my price range. On to the search!!

Kristi just called to tell me that Jacob had a 1st today. He always goes to the nursery during their church service. Today he got to go to the big people's service. They went to the contemporary service with a band and she said Jacob loved it. He was singing, raising his hands in the air like the people around him and dancing. He got a little carried away and fell and kristi picked him up and kept on singing. Three people came up behind her to tell her that Jacob's mouth was bleeding. Needless to say...that was the end of the church service for today.

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