Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I will be leaving in about a half hour for my 3rd treatment for the swelling in my feet and legs. The first treatment didn't seem to make much of a difference although I came home feeling like I'd run a marathon. The doctor called late that afternoon and told me to triple my potassium pills and that Tuesday they would give me some postassium in my IV.

I got there Tuesday and the nurse started to inject saline into the IV that they had left in my so they wouldn't have to poke me every day. Well, it hurt something terrible and then when she started to put the lasix in I couldn't stand the pain. At that point she decided to check my IV and see if it looked all right. They hadn't used clear tape so it was covered up. When she took the tape off there was a huge bruise and all around and it was red all around the bruise from who knows what? She said I don't think that IV is in your vein anymore. I felt like being smart aleck and don't, do you? She really should have checked it before she injected into it but they were extremely busy and she was probably needed 2 places at once. She decided to put another IV in the other hand. Then the lasix went in much better. It still burned a little bit but I know from the past that my veins are hypersensitive. She then hookd me up to the drip of the potassium. It took over 2 hours. I was glad I had some scrapbook magazines in the car. The nurse must have felt bad about the IV thing because she went out of her way for me the rest of the afternoon. She brought me a recliner to sit in , lunch that consisted of a turkey sandwich, crackers, oranges and pop. She really was a very nice nurse that just made a wrong judgement call. I always try to tell myself that we're all human and make mistakes.

I felt pretty good afterwards and even ran a couple of errands. Wayne drove but I felt pretty good.

When I got home I continued my search for a new camera. I have been looking since Saturday for a new digital camera for several reasons. The main reason is that I would like something that I could begin to learn photography on. Mine right now is just a point and shoot with good megapixels. I'm ready to "try" to learn about some of the very basics of photography. I would like to have some of it learned by the time Isabella is born so I can get some really cool pictures of her. By 8:00 last night I finally decided on a camera and found where I wanted to buy it. Believe it or not WalMart had the camera so because of their good return policy I bought my camera online at WalMart. I should get it by Friday...but that's not definite. I settled on a camera that has full automatic mode with the ability to go into the programing and change whatever I watn to change. I will be using the automatic mode for some time, I'm sure. The camera I purchased is a Sony DSC-H5. It has 7.2 megapixels and 12x optical zoom. I wanted to high zoom for getting some awesome baby pictures/toddler pictures/kid pictures/young lady pictures. Okay....great pics of the grandkids:)

I was so excited about the camera that I couldn't get to sleep till about 4:00 am. I'm a little tired today. I scrapbooked and watched the discovery health channel. I will post some of the layouts I did when I get home from my treatment.

It is now less than a week till the beginning of American Idol Season 6. I am SO excited. Here is a schedule that I got from a blog...the times are tentative....

January 16th....(premier 8-10) Minneapolis, MN
January 17th...(8-10) Seattle, WA
January 23rd...(8-9) Memphis, TN
January 24th...(9-10) New York
Januray 30th...(8-9) Birmingham, AL
January 31st...(9-10) San Antonio, TX
February 6th...(8-9) Los Angeles, CA
February 7th...(9-10) "The Rest of the Best" special Audition show
February 13th... (8-9) Hollywood Round
February 14th... (9-10) Hollywood Round (top 24 chosen)
February 20th... (8-10) Top 12 males
February 21st...(8-10) Top 12 females
February 22nd... (8-9) Results
February 27th... (8-9:30) Top 10 males
February 28th... (8-9:30) Top 10 females
March 1st...( 8-9) Results
March 6th...(8-9) Top 8 males
March 7th...(8-9) Top 8 females
March 8th...(8-9) results
March 13th...(8-10) Finals begin with Top 12
March 14th...(9-9:30) Top 12 Results

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