Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tyler at 6 months
I'm still not real sure that I should use so many flowers on a boys layout but I love flowers and love the way they look in scrapbooking. I'll have to try using stars or something like that...maybe it would look a little more masculine:) Aren't those big beautiful eyes? Tyler is now 6 years old and as bright as those eyes look. I got in a new scrapbooking die cut machine this week. He saw it sitting on my cupboard and that the handle needed to be put on. Without looking at any instructions he put the handle on with a screw and washer and an end cap. It's like he knew exactly how to do it. And then, if that wasn't enough, he put all the pieces in the right place and cut out some of the dies. I was going to have to look at the book to figure out how to do it. There is a base piece that goes on the bottom, then an acrylic piece, then the die, then the paper and then another acrylic piece. He slid it right though and it was perfect the first time. It amazes me to see a child born with all the innate talent.

Rhebeca and Kael

In the title, the part that says "brother" is done with a new font I got for my cricut machine. I got aggressive and sold quite a few things online that I wasn't using...some old sizzix fonts that I probably hadn't used for 3 years and I bought this font and another one with my money. This block font (see how it looks a little like a block?) is a very versatile font. I also did the words in black with the same cartridge. I like using the different fonts in a word to make it look a little more interesting.

I went back in to my family doctor today. My right leg is swollen, red and painful to the touch. Right away he said it's either cellulitis or a blood clot. He sent me right to the hospital where I had an ultrasound...some special kind of ultrasound called Venus Doppler I believe. It was amazing that it could pick up the veins in my leg. We live in quite an age where medicine is quite advanced and yet I still can't walk out to my kitchen without my back screaming in pain so bad I have to sit down for a minute. There have been great strides in some areas and others like pain control and the spine still seem archaic in their treatments.

The doctor called a couple of minutes ago and said that there is no blood clot and my blood work showed my potassium is low. He said the potassium is at 3.1. I have prescription pills of potassium to take and I hate them...there are like horse pills and I have a hard time getting them swallowed. When I take my pills in the morning and at night I like to pop them all in my mouth at once and get it over with. I tried that with the potassium pills and they got stuck in my throat. When a persons potassium is low it just drains you completely of all energy. Most of the time when I'm walking I feel so weak that I feel like I'll pass out. I am to double the potassium till the end of the week. I also bought bananas and pistachio nuts.

Since American Idol starts next week I have started following the blog that I enjoy while American Idol is on TV. The web site is here . But if you don't want to read it I'll give you a few excerpts....

1. Carrie Underwood's CD has just gone quintuple platinum. She has sold more Cd's than any other country artist in the last 6 years. What an amazing accomplishment. Here is Becky's opinion...Carrie's life will never be the has changed probably forever. She can't help but change a little bit ...she won't continue on the "country bumpkin" she was to start with. Will the sweetness we all saw in her leave? Will she become arrogant? If she were my child or grandchild I just don't know if this win and lifestyle would be something I would want for them.

2. Kellie Pickler will be co-hosting "The View" on January 18th and 19th.

3. Katharine McPhee will guest star on the ABC comedy, "Ugly Betty" on Thursday, February 1st. Her single from her new album will be officially released to radio January 16th.

4. Here is one Rhebeca will like!!! Paula Abdul has joined the creative team of "Bratz: The Movie", the first live action feature based on Bratz fashion dolls. Paula will serve as executive producer and play an integral part in music, choreography and fashion. She will also portray one of the film's major characters.

5. One more thing on Kellie Pickler....Starting on April 27th Kellie Pickler will be touring with country music performer, Brad Paisley. There will be more information posted soon on his website. I don't know his site address right off hand but I'm sure you could find it with a google search.

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