Sunday, January 28, 2007

You will notice as you start reading today that some of the font is very large. I have tried for about half an hour so to get the font all the same size and as soon as I save goes right back to the "huge" font. I will come back later and try to change it again...maybe something is wrong with the system:)

Kaleb Santa Baby
This is Kaleb at Christmas last year. He's made great strides in one years time. He can not walk and he can also open presnets. Two very important things in a toddler's life:)

I love my baby brother
Although I just scrapped this picture last night it was taken at the hospital when Kaleb was born in 2005. Rhebeca really has a special place in her heart for her baby brother. He even calls her Mama at times.

Rhebeca's 7th birthday

The next 3 layouts were taken at Rhebeca's 7th birthday party. She is 8 now but I am still playing catch up with my scrapbooking. I kept up fine when there were 2 grandchildren but now that we have 6 and soon 7 I will have a real challenge to keep up. That's one reason I started the I can look back and remember the stories behind the pictures.

I swelled up again really badly on Monday of this week. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Stillson, our family doctor. He told me this visit that he has tried everything he knows to try for the swelling. He strongly recommends that I made a visit to Mayo Clinic. I went to the scheduler in the office and she said it will probalby be several months before they would have an opening. She was shocked...and so was I!!... that they had an opening on February 1st.
We have been busy making reservations and trying to tie up loose ends here so we can leave this week.

Wayne and I both have a terrible virus. I have had it a week now and Wayne is just a few days behind me. With it we have fever, chills, sweats, coughing, congeston and you name it we've got it. We are just hoping that we feel good enough to leave Tuesday morning. We are going to make the trip on Tuesday and take 2 days of driving to get there. That will make it about 4 hours a day of travel and that's about all I can handle. I want to be feeling well enough that I can go to the appointments and be able to listen to what the doctor is saying.

Tyler (Steve and Katie's oldest/6 YO) had to go to the emergency room about an hour ago. He had drainage coming from his ear and a pretty high fever. |The doctor in the emergency room said he had a busted ear drum. It will repair itself in the next 9 weeks. He kept complaining that his canker sores were hurting. Years ago when I took our kids to the pediatrician in South Bend he told me that children do not know where pain is coming from. They may point to their tummy when their ears hurt.

I would appreciate your prayers that the doctors at Mayo Clinic will be able to pinpoint the source of the swelling in my feet and legs. It is really scary when your doctor tells you he's done all he can do for you. Although, thank goodness, he added that it does not mean he doesn't want to treat me...he just doesn't know what else he can do for me as far as that swelling in my feet and legs.

If you don't care for American Idol you can stop reading now:)

Katherine McPhees album will st on the store shelves Tuesday, January 30th. I really liked her voice and will probably buy her CD. I do not care for the way they are marketing her but I don't have to see that when I'm listening to her music.

Tonight there is an "Idol" special on Larry King/CNN at 9:00. Some of the idols he will be interviewing are Bucky Covington (last season's country singer), Ace Young (also from last year), Kimberly Caldwell (Season 2), William Hung.

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