Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrow should be my appointment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. But, we didn't go because we are both so sick with a virus. We rescheduled it for February 26th. We should both be feelig better by then...hopefully!!

Yesterday i went back to the doctor to look at my leg. I was on my 2nd round of anti-biotics annnnnd the leg bagan swelling and turning red and hot to the touch. My regular doctor was on vacation but I have found another doctor in this group of doctors that I have seen before so I made a appointment with him. He seemed concerned that the leg hasn't really healed up yet. He sent me for another venus dopplar ultrasound to make sure they didn't miss a blood clot the first time around. Thanksfully that turned out negative so that means I'm still dealing with the cellulitis.

I have been really faithful with taking the antibiotic so I am really surprised that this isn't clearing up. I go back to my regular doctor on Monday for a recheck on my leg. He hinted that I will have to be hospitalized and hooked up to an IV with anti-biotics. I hope I don't have to but if I do I understand that cellulitis is serious and it can't be ignored.

Our daughter, Katie took our grandson, Tyler, to get his ear checked because his ear had some drainage coming out of it. Tyler is very sensitive to any pain so it's hard to know sometimes how serious or how badly he is really hurting. Like today when I talked to him on the phone he did a sommersault while talking to me and hurt his arm. He was just sure he broke the bone in his arm and carried on and on. I finally asked him if he would like me to call his Mommy and have her call him. he liked that idea. So, all that to say I'm so glad Katie took his complaints seriously because he had a bursted ear drum. Poor little guy...that has to really hurt.

Wayne and I are still sick and coughing and I run a fever every afternoon I run a fever. This is a really bad virus. I don't think I can ever remember Wayne stayng home from this work so long. We've both been laying around in our pajamas/nightgown and just trying to rest so we'll feel better. I finally tok a shower yesterday and today Wayne took one. It's a really big deal to take a shower when you feel sick. I told Wayne to let me know if I start to smell...I'll take a shower then:) ha ha!!

Not much else new from the "sick house".

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