Saturday, February 03, 2007

Does it ever seem to you that life comes in bunches of events? Our bunches lately has been health issues. I feel like we're on a speeding train with no brakes at times. Wayne has also had this virus that I am fighting. I can't remember seeing him sick enough to miss work. He goes no matter how he feels. Well, he spent all last week home sick with a virus. Thursday he worked a huge day and came home with a splitting headache. By 4:30 Friday morning he was awake and in terrible pain with the headache and vomitting dry heaves. I gave him one of my suppositories for nausea and it settled things down so that he went back to sleep. We had talked about going to the emergency room at 4:30 but decided to wait till the doctor's office opened. Our family doctor is still out of town (how dare him..ha ha!!) so we saw an associate.

We went in to see him at 10:30 and told him of Wayne's past history of the meningitis. He decided Wayne needed to be hospial and have some tests done. The main test was a spinal tap to draw out some spinal fluid and see if he has meningitis. As of yesterday late afternoon all the test results had not ocomeback but the doctor had seen enough of this one to say he is 99% sure he does not have the meningitis. After hearing that Wayne was ready to come home but the nurse said thee was no way. I was kind of hoping he w0ould come home because I've never spent a night alone in this house. It is now 6:30 and I did just fine. I didn't sleep well but that's nothing unusual for me!

Hopefully I'll get to bring Wayne home today. Right after he was admitted I went to WalMart. I hadn't gotten groceries for a while so after Wayne was admitted to the hospital and given something for pain and nausea he was really out so I went to WalMart. I have to take opportunites when they come and know I need to take advantage of them. Yesterday was one of those days...I hadn't felt like going to the store for for a while as we were out of a lot so I was thrilled that I could do it. I felt so all alone. I can't imagine what it feels like to lose a spouse that you've spent your whole life with. It was like this emptiness inside of me and I hadn't even lost him...he just wasn't there to be with me....and I'm used to getting his help:) I guess this will teach me to continually be grateful for the help my family gives me. I couldn't function without their help!!

It's COLD here. Our thermometer this morning says it is 7 chilly degrees...brrrr!!! I wish I didn't have to go out today but am thankful the hospital is just across the street from our subdivision.

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