Saturday, February 03, 2007

First pictures with new camera
I have been anxiously waiting to take pictures with my new camera. Wayne isn't a willing subject so I had to wait for the grandkids to come over and that happened last night. First picture is of Caden and you can see him talking...he is saying Cheese! Two cute stories about him in the last couple days. He is staying at my Mom & Dad's house for a few days and last night they were playing a game that was a little beyond his age group. He still wanted to play and my Mom started complimenting him and telling him she was shocked he could play the game. He told her "I'm not dumb." And, secondly, he has learned a knock knock joke and says it over and over and over again. It is
Caden: Knock Knock
Grandma: Wno's there
Caden: Nana
Grandma: Nano who
Caden: Nana banana
And then he proceeds to laugh and laugh and laugh and then he starts all over again. I guess a good joke is worth repeating:)

Tyler has learned my telephone number. Since I'm home trying to recover from this cold he calls me many times a day. I love his calls and will always drop whatever I'm doing to talk to him. It's usually a computer game he wants to discuss with me. I'm glad we have that in common. He has also learned ebay and likes me to get him there and we look for toys. He wants me to bid on everything he likes. I try to explain that I don't have unlimited money:) One story about Tyler. He is also spending the night with my Mom & Dad. He likes to sleep in their room on either an air mattress or on the couch. Last night my Mom got up in the middle of the night and Tyler was missing in action...or the action of sleep at least. She finally found him in the computer room playing a game on the computer.
This is Belle. She is a Silky Terrier. She is Steve, Katie, Tyler & Caden's dog and we watch her when they go away so she doesn't have to go to the kennel. We love having her for a week or so and she feels right at home here. She is one of the nicest and well behaved dog I've ever known tied only by our last dog..a little white Maltese we named Mercedes. Anyway, Belle is visiting for the week and we're glad to have her. There was a major killing here in the house tonight. While we watched TV she killed her stuffed toy and the insides are all over the house:)

Yippee!!!!! Wayne came home this morning. I don't know if I was happier to have him home or he was happier to be home. We both realized how much we mean to each other. It wasn't any major seperation but we are never apart except for when he goes to work so we're happily together tonight and he is feeling much much better. He is having some pain where they did a spinal tap and I hope it's just from doing the procedure and not some damage they did or an infection starting. They had a hard time doing the spinal tap so I hope they didn't force it too hard. Only time will tell. Please keep him and his back in your prayers...thanks!

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