Monday, February 05, 2007

The next 4 pictures are ones I took yesterday with my new camera. I am trying to get the hang of it...and I'm still in the automatic mode..ha ha!! That should be pretty simple...but I'm finding my finger wants to rest on the flash and then it won't flip up and flash for the picture. That's a minor adjustment. I think the pictures it takes are crisp and detailed.

Caden started out hiding from me under that cushion and then I took him his blankie and he thought he'd take a nap. It was a short lived nap though...eyes never closed and body never stopped moving:)
A really good picture of Tyler...he's such a good looking boy!

A closeup of Caden. I love to get these profile shots. I just think there is a lot of interest in all the details of his little face.

These next two scrapbooking layouts are my latest creations. They are both of Jacob. The first is Jacob in santa hat. Kritsi said wished he didn't have a dirty face but I thought it just added to the picuture...the essence of Jacob. The second picture is priceless to me. Jacob giving his Great Grandpa a high 5. The kids love their great grandpa and have certain activities that they associate with just him.
It is bitter cold here today. You would think it is warm by looking out the window at the beautiful sunshine but it is deceiving. When I got up at 5:30 this morning it was -4 below zero with a wind chill factor of -27. BRRRR! I always worry about any animals that are dogs and cats. I also wonder what the homeless man that lives here in Plymouth does on these cold nights. Hopefully somebody has mercy on him and gives him a room while it's this bitter cold. I can't imagine sleeping outside like he does. Maybe he's tought..I know I'm not.

Wayne is feeling a lot better this morning. He even went to work around noon. I cautioned him that he really should take a couple more days to rest so I hope he doesn't have a relapse like he did last week. I certainly have learned in 34 years of marriage that I can't change him...I just accept what he does and if he gets sick again I'll be there to help however I can. I know he does the same with me. I do a lot of things he doesn't always approve of too so I guess we've learned to give each other the freedom we both want to do our own thing.

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