Friday, February 23, 2007

I had a hard time sleeping last night so I worked on these two layouts till 2:30 AM. These pictures were taken just this week and I think she looks so beautiful. She is growing up so fast I'd like to stop the clock but I know she wants to grow up as badly as I did at her age and so goes the circle of life. The second title may be a little hard to read scanned but it says "You're so beautiful".

We are supposed to leave tomorrow for Mayo Clicic but there is a storm moving in that we'd like to beat so we're going to try to leave early this afternoon. The only problem is we're both catching new colds and feel rotten. I'm running a fever but can't find the thermometer...Wayne had found it and it lasted about a week before I lost it. That reminds me of Wayne's pet peeve that I do...during the day when the phone rings I answer it and since they're all cordless I walk to whatever room I was in or want to sit down and talk in and that's where I leave the phone. By the end of the day when he comes home there isn't one phone left on the hook so that when the phone rings we both have to go running:) It doesn't bother me but I'm the one that does it..he gets rather frustrated.

Back to our trip to Mayo...please remember us in your prayers. There is a big storm moving into the area that we will be in and they're supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow tonight. My parents are letting us use their Explorer for the trip but even that won't be good in whiteout conditions. I also would appreciate your prayers that I get a doctor that will take an interest in my case and figure out the reason my feet and legs keep swelling so bad.

I guess that's all for now. Chow:)

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