Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One of my latest layouts. This is of Rhebeca at Christmas 2006. It's the first Christmas layout that I've done with such different colors than the colors normally used for christmas. I like this layout except for the word "American" which I got kinda crooked...but it's stuck down really good and I would rip the picture and the paper and the picture getting the word straight and I really don't want to start all over. It will just stay like it is for now:)

Rhebeca and her Mom & Dad stopped by to visit this afternoon. What a pleasant surprise it was. While they were hre I had to take the opportunity to get a few pictures of Rhebeca. She is such a photogenic young lady:) There was so much light in the house this afternoon that I took the top two pictures without the flash and on the bottom picture I used a flash. There are a lot of shadows on the top two pictures taken without a flash...just totally different looks. What a very beautiful young lady:)

I had a pump refill today. It is the closest I've ever gotten to running out of medicine than I ever have gotten before. Thank goodness I got the refill and I can prevent any problems. They added a new medication today called bipuvicaine..it is a local anesthetic and it is a very common medication to add to the pump. Let's hope it helps.

Dr. Grove looked at the cellulitis and had a good explanation as to why I probably got it. He thinks it is because of the swelling. He said when the skin expands the pores open bigger to try to accomodate the bigger size. With the pores bigger it is easy for bacteria to get in to the skin and the cellulitis to begin. He seemed to think a trip to Mayo Clinic was a good move to make.

I got my least favorite nurse today. Wayne and I concluded that she must have a very low self esteem because she took every opportunity to make me look foolish. I always get the area where they put the needle into the pump deadened with a local...she forgot to ask me and said that she forgot because I'm about the only one that needs it numbed...it's no big deal without it numbed...how does she know?? I tried to compliment her and the nurses for being so sterile about giving the refills by telling her that my beautician's husband had a valve replaced in his heart at Mayo Clinic and they dismissed him as soon as possible becuase hospitals carry staph infection so frequently...she said...hospitals are known for carrying staph infection...everybody knows that. I guess that was everybody but me. The whole time she was like that and I tried my hardest not to get mad at her and try to understand that she might have problems that were worse than mine.

I was really excited about American Idol tonight. I think nerves affected a lot ot the performers tonight. It was really obvious the guys that had more experience than others. If you don't like to know what's going to happen you can click off this blog now. I went to dial idol and according to the dial tones they think that Nick Pedro and Paul Kim are the ones getting voted off tonight. We'll see if they're correct...it makes sense according to performance that they could be the ones.

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