Friday, February 16, 2007

I love a good close up picture and whenever I get a chance I keep clicking the camera trying to get a good one until I"m told that's enough:) I thought this one of Tyler was especially good!

Caden was telling me..."NO MORE PICTURES!!" while shaking his head!!

Caden is a moving target. I was trying to get a picture of him looking at me with the pretend binoculers

Tyler, taken today Feb. 17, 2007

I used to have a lot of trouble with muscle spasms in my low back. When I had the surgery in 1998 it took care of the muscle spasms. I also had more pain but no muscle spasms until the last week. I woke up this morning with the worst spasms I've ever had. They would start at my waist in my back and travels into the tailbone. I was miserable until the muscle relaxer took control. I was sure glad I had those from the pain doctor several months ago. I ended up having to take 2 of them to get rid of them and it didn't take long for me to be sleeping like a log.

Tyler and Caden came over here for a while this afternoon and they were SO good. I enjoyed seeing them both today.
Before they came over they were at my mothers house.

Tyler was on the computer because he didn't go to school because he still had an ear infection with a fever and aches and chilling. I was on the computer this morning and here is the instant message I got from Tyler..
He is typing from Mprincipal and in the red
I am using Rstockman1209 translating what he said and it's in green

The Rstockman1209 in the blue is me actually answering Tyler when he instant messaged me.e is talking about a
MPRINCIPAL [10:35 AM]: hi This is tyler.fegr aoot how to camplet the soopr grane livoo!
hi This is Tyler. Figure out how to complete the super granny level.
Rstockman1209 [10:35 AM]: Which level?
MPRINCIPAL [10:37 AM]: in the casool
In the castle.
Rstockman1209 [10:39 AM]:
MPRINCIPAL [10:43 AM]: wen the las levoo in side the casool
Win the last level inside the castle.

I think it's the most amazing thing that a 6 year old in kindergarten could try to figue out words like that. At first when I saw it i thought he was trying to be funny but then I could see that he was tying to sound out his words. How priceless!

Another priceless thing is a story that he told me this afternoon. His little heart is so trusting and sweet and innocent. He said he saw a boy about his age on the beach when they were in Floida and asked the boy if he knew about Jesus. The little boy did not know Jesus so Tyler told him all about how Jesus was in heaven and you can pray to him. That's all he felt comfortable but I thought it was just the sweetest story.

I keep falling asleep..that's what happens when you take a muscle relaxer right before typing on the blog...zzzz:)

Good night!!

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